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Various Artists - Subjekt X ADE '17 Sampler

October 16, 2017
Right on time to deliver its underground flavors to Amsterdam Dance Event 2017, Armada Subjekt’s ‘Subjekt x ADE ‘17’ sampler gets you all the goodness of ADE in four groovalicious records. Through the top-tier productions of Qubiko (‘Here’s Not Here’), Horatio (‘Hero’), Nivlac (‘Siren’) and Yves Eaux & Melvin Spix (‘I Was Getting (Into The Groove)’), you can delve in beats that go deeper than the world’s best submarine and grooves that make you lick your lips and dance till the break of dawn.

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  1. 1. Qubiko - Here's Not Here (03:24)
  2. 2. Nivlac - Siren (03:24)
  3. 3. Horatio - Hero (02:48)
  4. 4. Yves Eaux & Melvin Spix - Into The Groove (03:12)
  5. 5. Qubiko - Here's Not Here (Extended Mix) (05:45)
  6. 6. Nivlac - Siren (Extended Mix) (05:38)
  7. 7. Horatio - Hero (Extended Mix) (09:34)
  8. 8. Yves Eaux & Melvin Spix - Into The Groove (Extended Mix) (05:32)
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