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Various Artists - Perfecto Records Presents - Perfect Form 01

September 16, 2013
Perfecto Records is proud to present a brand new series of EP's called "Perfect Form". The sound of Perfecto neatly rolled into one awesome package of original tracks, all with Perfectly balanced, perfectly formed mix alternatives. "Perfect Form 01" features two Perfecto artists in fine form - Korea's Justin Oh and Eshericks - it also features production work from Arma and breaks king Under This. Justin Oh, hot off the back of "Getting Over You", his vocal hit with Remus, brings us two tracks - "Sinsa" - the Eshericks mix of which has been getting heavy early support from Mr Oakenfold. "Find You" which has had deep as well as brooding alternate mixes from Andre Sobota, again shows off Justin's credentials as an fresh, exciting and original artist to watch out for. "Reckless" is a sultry vocal sex bomb from a new breaks favourite of ours - Arma. It's sexy, sassy and truly delicious. And more breaks culinary excellence comes from the genius that is Under This. Enjoy Perfect Form. More to come.


  1. 1. ARMA - Reckless (Original Mix) (05:02)
  2. 2. ARMA - Reckless (Under This Remix) (05:34)
  3. 3. Justin Oh - Find You (Original Mix) (07:22)
  4. 4. Justin Oh - Find You (Andre Sobota Dark Mix) (08:20)
  5. 5. Justin Oh - Find You (Andre Sobota Light Mix) (06:42)
  6. 6. Justin Oh - Sinsa (Original Mix) (08:24)
  7. 7. Justin Oh - Sinsa (Eshericks Remix) (06:46)
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