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Various Artists - Magic Island, Vol. 3 Sampler 03

September 27, 2010
Who cares about the weather? Even if it's been pouring down for hours - as soon as Roger Shah's 'Magic Island: Music For Balearic People' compilations blast through your speakers, the temperature rises. Wherever you are, the place will immediately change to a setting on a far-away island, with a clear blue sky, sun-drenched beach and turquoise blue sea in front of you. Offering you a short break, Roger Shah now presents you the third sampler of his 'Music For Balearic People Vol.3'. We take off with Belgian DJ and producer Franz Hlusek a.k.a. Fast Distance, who is known for his countless remixes and tempting releases like 'Big Ben' and 'Masamune'. He awaits us with vocal trance piece 'Come With Me'. Mellifluously melodic and tempting sweet it features the lovely vocals of Solnce and carries you away on the warm waves of sound. Under his Suncoast moniker, Franz also offers you 'Samona Bay'. The tracks comes along with guitar-lines combined with beachside-inspired synth-lines and gives you an absolute feel-good buzz. And once you've hopped from one beach to another, Irish Walsh & McAuley offer you the next location of Balearic realm. 'I'm Only Human', with Antonia Lucas' vocals on top of it, carries you straight into the world of captivating vocal trance. While the original version and the 'Deep Nights Mix' come along with a great club-minded sound, the Jonas Steur rework of 'I'm Only Human' turns out to be one for the club speakers. The Belgian DJ and producer translated the vocal beauty into a tingling, twisting and turning sound scape. So as you can see - no matter which of those tracks you choose, the weather forecast looks splendid nonetheless. Support by: Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten, Richard Durand, Above & Beyond, Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin, Lange, Rank 1, Roger Shah, Ashley Wallbridge, TyDi, Ernesto vs Bastian, John Askew


  1. 0. Walsh & Mcauley feat. Antonia Lucas - I'm Only Human (Original Mix) (07:30)
  2. 0. Walsh & Mcauley feat. Antonia Lucas - I'm Only Human (Deep Nights Remix) (09:27)
  3. 0. Walsh & Mcauley feat. Antonia Lucas - I'm Only Human (Jonas Steur Remix) (08:23)
  4. 0. Walsh & Mcauley - Aestas (Original Mix) (07:30)
  5. 0. Fast Distance presents Suncoast - Samona Bay (Original Mix) (08:47)
  6. 0. Fast Distance presents Suncoast - Samona Bay (Dulac & Dubois Remix) (07:16)
  7. 0. Fast Distance feat. Solncé - Come With Me (Original Mix) (07:51)
  8. 0. Fast Distance feat. Solncé - Come With Me (Kim Svärd Remix) (07:25)
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