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Various Artists - Fresh Tracks and Remixes - The Elite Selection 2013, Vol. 3

March 08, 2013
Time to discover the new musical promises of 2013. Through the ‘Fresh Tracks & Remixes’ pack we bring you ‘The Elite Selection’. An exclusive set of tunes and remixes, refershing your music collection. Keep an open mind and get your ears out for the brand new tunes of Aimoon, Muska, Chris Metcalfe, Nurettin Colak, and the Jorge Nava remix of Zaa’s ‘Time Bomb’! 5 exclusive must-hear tunes for everyone with a diverse taste in music! 


  1. 1. Muska - Impressa (Original Mix) (07:37)
  2. 2. Aimoon - Voltage (Original Mix) (06:37)
  3. 3. Nurettin Colak - Bedesten (Original Mix) (07:08)
  4. 4. Chris Metcalfe - First Encounter (Touchstone Remix) (08:27)
  5. 5. Zaa feat. Molly Bancroft - Time Bomb (Jorge Nava Remix) (08:00)
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