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Various Artists - Coldharbour Selections Part 32

April 29, 2013
The second Coldharbour Selections offering is now upon us, as label owner Markus Schulz presents three tracks which have been given the listener seal of approval through Global DJ Broadcast and beyond. In March, the original of Omnia’s The Light was heralded as one of the standout tunes of this year’s Winter Music Conference in Miami, shooting straight to number 1 in the Beatport trance chart in the process. Dutchman 4 Strings gives The Light a pacier and more uplifting feel, and is sure to pick up plenty of support to compliment the original. As Armada Music celebrates its tenth year, Coldharbour is extremely proud to present a new remix of one of the parent label’s most iconic releases. Originally released in 2004, Wave Force by Perry O’Neil remains as one of the most influential tracks in the progressive trance genre, including New York’s Mike Saint-Jules who decided to add his own modern interpretation. Despite the intentions of making the remix for bootleg purposes and nothing more, Markus loved Mike’s efforts, and debuted it to the world through his Gallery residency at Ministry of Sound last October. And now, we are able to provide Mike with the platform to officially release his remix. And last but not least, a new name to the Coldharbour family - Medellin’s Eddy Karmona. A longtime support of Markus through his work at Forum nightclub in the Colombian city, Breaking is a smooth and melodic journey that has quickly become a Global DJ Broadcast fan favorite following its April debut. As spring moves into summer, Coldharbour Selections Part 32 will get you warmed up.


  1. 1. Omnia - The Light (4 Strings Remix) (05:53)
  2. 2. Eddy Karmona - Breaking (Original Mix) (06:27)
  3. 3. Perry O'Neil - Wave Force (Mike Saint-Jules Remix) (05:31)
  4. 4. Omnia - The Light (4 Strings Radio Edit) (03:54)
  5. 5. Eddy Karmona - Breaking (Radio Edit) (04:14)
  6. 6. Perry O'Neil - Wave Force (Mike Saint-Jules Radio Edit) (03:29)
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