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Various Artists - Armada Winter Chill

December 01, 2017
When the frost bites your bare skin and the snowflakes stab you in the eye as you fight to make your way back home, your thoughts always go out to the things that keep you warm. But even though the cups of hot cocoa and freshly baked apple pies have staked the upper spots in the list, there will always be one thing you long for the most: some gentle chill tunes to drive the cold away. Much like curling up in your favorite chair with a thick blanket and a good book, ‘Armada Winter Chill’ helps you fight the winter cold until the first signs of spring emerge. Totaling to thirty tracks from the likes of Autograf, Borderless, DubVision, GoldFish, Kölsch, RZLZ, Super Pitcher and more, the compilation makes sure you’re able to fight the season on your terms and helps you come out on top without a scratch. Winter ain’t got nothing on you when ‘Armada Winter Chill’ has your back.

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