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Various Artists - Armada Lounge, Vol. 5 - E.P. 2

September 21, 2012
Relax your mind, trigger your senses and lose yourself inside a world where nothing but the music matters. Cut loose from the 9-to-5-grid and let go of your worries. It’s time for the latest volume of the Armada Lounge series to unwind your life, ease you mind and move you within. Armada Lounge Vol. 5 and its musical treasures await you. This relaxing series has been going strong since 2008, bringing musical wellness on its highly-anticipated fifth Volume already. All you need to do is turn off your phone, get comfortable, close your eyes and let the warm melodies, soothing vocals and down-tempo beats take over. With Armada Lounge Vol.5, you’ll be piercing the quiet and clear your thoughts from the very first till last beat. Treat yourself to a little break from it all and let yourself be taken on a musical journey, with the tunes of Andy Moor, Lustral, Benya, Re:Locate vs Robert Nickson and more!


  1. 1. Re:Locate vs Robert Nickson - Resource (ReChill) (03:48)
  2. 2. Andy Moor feat. Sue McLaren - Fight The Fire (Masoud Chillout Mix) (08:24)
  3. 3. Benya feat. Penny Nixon - Serendipity (After Meridian & Dave Costa Remix) (09:33)
  4. 4. Lustral - Recurring Dreams (Original Mix) (04:04)
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