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Various Artists - Armada Lounge

May 19, 2008
Armada Lounge, the best downtempo songs for your listening pleasure Armada Lounge is a stunning selection of beautifully seductive down tempo tracks from one of the most revered dance labels in the world, Armada Music. Sublimely crafted by some of the biggest producers around, including Armin van Buuren, Kirstie Hawskaw, Roger Shah, Robert Nickson and Gaillard Clement, Armada Lounge is designed to unwind you from the stresses and strains of the nine to five grind and take you to a place where music makes everything else disappear. From the sun-drenched vocals and deep grooves of 'Crawling' by Sunlounger ft Zara and the twisting, haunting piano melodies of Armin's beautiful downtempo remix of Jan Vayne's 'Fruits & Passions', to the sheer elegance of Arnej's 'People Come, People Go' and the energy-ridden, guitar-driven sensation of Armin van Buuren & DJ Shah's acoustic mix of 'Going Wrong', featuring Chris Jones's amazing vocals, this is without a doubt music at its finest and most inspirational. Gentle, classical, passionate and euphoric, Armada Lounge is sure to feature in the collections of dance fans the world over. So kick back, close your eyes and put the world on hold as Armada Music treat you to some of the most blissed out, chilled out music you'll hear this year.


  1. 1. Sunlounger featuring Zara - Crawling (05:03)
  2. 2. Arnej - People Come, People Go (ChillOut Mix) (05:09)
  3. 3. Ascension - For a Lifetime (Chillout Mix) (06:09)
  4. 4. Jan Vayne - Fruits & Passion (Armin van Buuren"™s Downtempo Mix) (05:15)
  5. 5. Kirsty Hawkshaw featuring Tenishia - Reason To Forgive (Piano Mix) (03:52)
  6. 6. Dash Berlin - Till The Sky Falls Down (Monokini Beach Mix) (05:53)
  7. 7. Public Symphony - Wings (03:08)
  8. 8. Klems - A Night in Paris (04:19)
  9. 9. Armin van Buuren and DJ Shah featuring Chris Jones - Going Wrong (Acoustic Mix) (04:12)
  10. 10. Gaillard Clement - Electro Team (02:48)
  11. 11. Robert Nickson - Spiral (Chillout Mix) (04:15)
  12. 12. Sunlounger - In & Out (03:55)
  13. 13. Ohmna - The Sun 'll Shine (Bali Ambient Mix) (06:01)
  14. 14. DJ Shah - Over & Over (Acoustic Mix) (05:17)
  15. 15. Solid Sessions - Janeiro (Chiller Twist Blue Line Remix) (04:08)
  16. 16. Jerome Isma-AE - Underwater Love (04:32)
  17. 17. Envio - Touched By The Sun (Rusch & Elusive"™s Chill Out Mix) (05:20)
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