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Various Artists - A State Of Trance 600 - Miami (Armin van Buuren - Warm Up Set)

April 19, 2013
A good DJ knows how to build up, bring atmosphere and read the needs of the crowd. And that’s exactly what Armin van Buuren does during his world famous warm-up sets. At the Miami show of his A State of Trance 600 world tour, part of the Ultra Music Festival, he set the tone for a wonderful day, starting with delicate chill-out, refined prog and yes, even a taste of techno, tech-house and prog-house. This set, including the tunes of MacLaro, Anturage, Deepfunk, Paul Webster, BT, ThreeSixty and and more, is now available for you! So close your eyes, wonder off to somewhere else and enjoy the first warm-up set!


  1. 1. Track4Sale - Relaxation [Mix Cut] (Original Mix) (05:48)
  2. 2. MacLaro - Let You Know [Mix Cut] (Original Mix) (03:36)
  3. 3. Anturage - We're Still Strangers [Mix Cut] (Original Mix) (04:38)
  4. 4. Anthony Mea - Liquidia [Mix Cut] (Original Mix) (02:03)
  5. 5. Pavel Denisov - Evanescere [Mix Cut] (Original Mix) (05:25)
  6. 6. Deepfunk - Talking To Yourself [Mix Cut] (Original Mix) (05:42)
  7. 7. Ryan Mendoza - Holding On [Mix Cut] (Wellenrausch's Dark Matter Remix) (07:13)
  8. 8. ThreeSixty - SpeKtrum [Mix Cut] (Original Mix) (04:03)
  9. 9. Paul Webster feat. Angelic Amanda - Time [Mix Cut] (Dub Mix) (02:17)
  10. 10. Baiaz Project - Lujan [Mix Cut] (Evol Waves RERE Remix) (02:09)
  11. 11. BT - Vervoeren [Mix Cut] (Original Mix) (04:34)
  12. 12. Dallonte - New Vibe [Mix Cut] (Original Mix) (06:28)
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