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Various Artists - A State Of Trance 600 - Den Bosch (Armin van Buuren - Warm Up Set)

May 03, 2013
A good DJ knows how to build up, bring atmosphere and read the needs of the crowd. And that’s exactly what Armin van Buuren does during his world famous warm-up sets. At the grand finale of his A State of Trance 600 world tour, the biggest trance event in Europe at the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch - he set the tone for a wonderful night, starting with delicate chill-out, refined prog and yes, even a taste of techno, tech-house and prog-house. This set, including the tunes of Rodg, Shane Halcon, Juventa, Matt Lange, JimiJ, The Blizzard, Presslaboys, Boom Jinx and many more, is now available for your listening pleasure! So close your eyes, wonder off to somewhere else and enjoy the warm-up set of Armin van Buuren!


  1. 1. Rodg - Jacqueline [Mix Cut] (Intro Mix) (03:20)
  2. 2. Hazem Beltagui feat. Nourey - Light In A Darkened World [Mix Cut] (Original Mix) (04:38)
  3. 3. Shane Halcon - South Beach [Mix Cut] (Original Mix) (03:05)
  4. 4. Cid Inc - Divine [Mix Cut] (Les Limaces & Pena Remix) (04:54)
  5. 5. Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer - To The Six [Mix Cut] (Matt Lange Remix) (05:07)
  6. 6. Juventa - Land Of Far Expectation [Mix Cut] (Original Mix) (04:19)
  7. 7. Matt Lange - Rift [Mix Cut] (Original Mix) (03:58)
  8. 8. JimiJ - Mea Culpa [Mix Cut] (Original Mix) (05:53)
  9. 9. Presslaboys - Incomplete [Mix Cut] (Deepfunk Remix) (08:26)
  10. 10. The Blizzard - Kalopsia [Mix Cut] (Original Mix) (09:26)
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