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Various Artists - A State Of Trance 2013 - On the Beach Sampler

March 18, 2013
Through the sounds of the 10 year anniversary edition of his beloved 'A State of Trance' compilation, Armin van Buuren sets a high bar for 2013. For the first sampler, he selects the warming tunes of Matt Bukovski, The Blizzard & Daniel van Sand and VillaNaranjos! Polish producer Matt Bukovski makes his grand debut on the A State of Trance label. After a 3 year build-up, he lands the magical 'Eterna' on A State of Trance 2013, accelerating his career. 'Eterna' warms like the sun, making a perfect fit for CD1 and any dance floor it's about to meet. Norwegian duo The Blizzard, known for future classics 'Kalopsia' and 'Piercing The Fog', team up with upcoming producer Daniel van Sand. Their moving 'Made For You' is fortified by the significant voice of UK's Julie Thompson. Her powerful vocals and heavy words make this deep prog-trancer rise to uplifting. A solid tune that rushes right in. Perfectly home to the 'On The Beach' theme that reigns on ASOT2013's CD1, is the latest summer jam of UK producer VillaNaranjos. Armin kept a close eye on young talent Zak Woodman, who's the mastermind behind the VillaNaranjos jewels. His 'Jalon' might not go as deep as his 'Granadella' and 'Portichol', but it still has that dreamy, deep sound that he's become known for. Pure quality.


  1. 1. Matt Bukovski - Eterna (Original Mix) (07:30)
  2. 2. The Blizzard & Daniel van Sand feat. Julie Thompson - Made For You (Club Mix) (08:16)
  3. 3. VillaNaranjos - Jalón (Original Mix) (05:34)
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