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Various Artists - A State Of Trance 2013 - In The Club Sampler

April 01, 2013
Through the sounds of the 10 year anniversary edition of his beloved 'A State of Trance' compilation, Armin van Buuren sets a high bar for 2013. On the second sampler, he introduces us to the productions of RAM, Bjorn Akesson and AYDA. Russian talent Timur Chochiya, better known as AYDA, makes his A State of Trance debut. Through the emotional, big wave that is 'Caesar', he makes a statement. Let its warm synths and sweeping sounds rush in, and surrender completely. With each piece he produces, Swedish producer Bjorn Akesson reveals more of his musical colors. On A State of Trance 2013 he aims, fires and hits in with the lush, sweeping strings and techy outburst of 'Gunsmoke'. The RAM & Alex M.O.R.P.H. remix of Dutch producer RAM's 'Grotesque' lures in its listener with a mind-tingling set of strings, a flaming hot melody and a booming bass.


  1. 1. AYDA - Caesar (Original Mix) (07:28)
  2. 2. Bjorn Akesson - Gunsmoke (Original Mix) (06:37)
  3. 3. RAM & Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Grotesque (Original Mix) (06:48)
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