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tyDi - Remixed

April 29, 2013
Australia's rising star tyDi is still stretching the curve. The young gun's got some heavy-weight tracks, never losing their spark. Especially not now that they're given a new translation by Tomas Heredia, Eximinds, Dennis Sheperd and Brad & Victor H. Tomas Heredia gives 'Acting Crazy' a full prog-trance work-out. An extra remix ready for every set. Eximinds, one of the most requested remix names of the past 2 years, gives tyDi's collab with Protoculture and singer Meighan Nealon, 'Criminal' an energetic prog-trance treatment. 'Vanilla', the hit that shook the dance floors and ruled the airwaves, featuring the vocals of Tania Zygar, got Dennis Sheperd on remix duties. A melodic, emotional trancer with soothing synths is the brilliant result. Last but not least, Canadian duo Brad & Victor H. provide two outstanding remixes, for 'Home' feat. Brianna Holan and 'Half Light'feat. Tania Zygar. Two tyDi tunes that were given a strong prog-house vibe with electro energy. 6 remixes that recreate some of tyDi's musical highlights.


  1. 1. Jelly (Original Mix) (05:49)
  2. 2. Acting Crazy (Tomas Heredia At Sunrise Mix) (08:35)
  3. 3. Criminal (Eximinds Remix) (07:32)
  4. 4. Fire & Load (Elevation vs Grube & Hovsepian Remix) (06:22)
  5. 5. Fire & Load (Elevation vs Grube & Hovsepian Dub Remix) (06:22)
  6. 6. Vanilla (Dennis Sheperd Remix) (07:27)
  7. 7. Half Light (Brad & Victor H Remix) (06:09)
  8. 8. Home (Brad & Victor H Remix) (07:12)
  9. 9. Home (Brad & Victor H Dub Mix) (07:12)
  10. 10. The Moment It Breaks (Joseph Areas Remix) (06:45)
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