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tyDi - Kopi Susu

March 03, 2008
tyDi is back with another release on Electronic Elements. This release comes with two great progressive mixes, essential for your prog sets! DJ Support: Armin van Buuren: supporting this track on ASOT! Markus Schulz: Big support on this tune! Also featured on my latest mix compilation. Solarstone: love this - in the box and on the show this week. Above & beyond: Support on our radio show TATW EDX: groovey prog. sound with nice strings..rocking! David Forbes: loving his chocolate and creme mix :0)


  1. 0. Kopi Susu (TyDi's By The Beach Mix) (08:25)
  2. 0. Kopi Susu (TyDi's Chocolate & Cream Mix) (08:25)
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