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tyDi - Good Dream

January 25, 2010
Some awake and come to find that all they've been doing is dreaming. But pinching Australian DJ/Producer Tyson Illingworth won't awake him from his dream, for he's actually living it. In his early-twenties, he's travelling the world to play in front of thousands of people and has more than 15 originals and an artist album out. The number one DJ of Australia is living the life most of us can only dream of.But reality is turning into something even bigger now, for tyDi has translated his nightly dreams into a prog-trance track called 'Good Dream'. Distortive slides and a serene, warm blanket of delicate synths make you escape to an ethereal world right there on the dancefloor. Austrian producer-duo Barnes & Heatcliff, known for their remix on Dakota's 'Johnny The Fox' and prog sound on 'Pyjamaparty', turned 'Good Dream' into a playful one. Sturdy clicks, a firm bassline and the distinctive big room sound of the duo will surely keep you awake.


  1. 0. Good Dream (Original Mix) (08:34)
  2. 0. Good Dream (Barnes & Heatcliff Remix) (06:44)
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