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tyDi featuring Tania Zygar - Vanilla

July 05, 2010
Another new jewel has been added to the tyDi realm of music. The Australian youngster isn't one to sit still for long, so with his 'Good Dream' and 'You Walk Away' still finding their way into the clubs, it's time for a new sensation to scorch the speaker cables. He may be young at heart, just turned 23, but Tyson Illingworth has plenty of cards to play with. Number one DJ of Australia for the second year running, a new entry in the DJ Mag on #52, the International Dance Music Award for 'Best Breakthrough DJ', high-end chart positions, shows in the US, Australia and an extensive tour in Europe planned…tyDi's got the Royal Flush right there in his hands. And the dream continues, with a new vocal track on the AVA Recordings label. Already a favourite amongst the trance crowds, it's the velvety, sweetening 'Vanilla' that's going to be next in tyDi's list of quality releases. This prog-trancer with an attitude features the lush vocals of Canadian vocalist Tania Zygar, rides a strong hook and though gentle in its build-up, breaks out into an exuberant, distortive end right after the break. And yes, 'that's so Vanilla'….the one taste everyone loves. Ben Gold, one of the new breed trance producers hailing from the UK, blasts out with a heart-throbbing bass and energetic sound to his remix of 'Vanilla'. Michael Calderone and Austin Hall of The Space Rockerz rock 'Vanilla' with a mixture of electro and trance, as little cheeky elements take over. Two great remixes for variety of sound. Paul van Dyk Support!! Gareth Emery Ben Gold Mix doing the business here!! Richard Durand Very original vocals…Love it! Paul Oakenfold Will take another listen, but Space Rockerz is grabbing my ear at first. Simon Patterson nice! W&W Will play the Ben Gold remix, Played on Mainstage 015, 016 Mike Shiver Sr remix radio support! Dj Big Al TyDi is on fire at the moment, Ben Gold's mix is class... Blake Jarrell: Support on Concentrate Episode 030 Marcus Schossow Nice ! Paul Webster Loving the Ben Gold Remix Lange Awesome release, great vocals! well done, another great release on Ava!! John Askew cool!! Dash Berlin Nice! Big up for the Ben Gold Remix! Jordan Suckley HUGE summer track! Ernesto & Bastian Very good release, like all mixes, Ben Gold's mix the favorite! Dave Pearce Prefer the Ben Gold mix although I also like the Space Rockerz Blake Jarrell awesome song but the package really needed a proper progressive remix. JohnOCallaghan Ben Gold remix is top notch Trance International Yes please!!!! Menno de Jong Supporting! Charlie G (MixMag) Big remix!! Enhanced Rec. Original is class!


  1. 0. Vanilla (Original Mix) (07:57)
  2. 0. Vanilla (Space RockerZ Remix) (08:02)
  3. 0. Vanilla (Ben Gold Remix) (06:49)
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