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tyDi feat. Tania Zygar - Half Light

November 08, 2010
A positive mind is the key to success. If you firmly believe in this statement, you'll understand that Tyson Illingworth has been more than just lucky. The Australian talent has seen his hard work and determination change into many feats and highlights. Apart from being voted Australia's number one DJ twice in a row, he won the award for 'Best Breakthrough DJ' at this year's International Dance Music Awards and saw his debut album 'Look Closer' entering Australia's Dance Chart at #2. But tyDi, under which Tyson likes to veil himself, is mostly known for his outstanding productions. From the moody deep 'Russia' to the mesmerizing 'Good Dream' and Audrey Gallagher collabs 'You Walk Away' and 'Calling', all of them still make our hearts pound faster. With 'Vanilla', tyDi already revealed there was a darker side to his sound. Teaming up with Canadian vocalist Tania Zygar once again, he heads even deeper into it all with 'Half Light'. Halfway up the bright sky, sliding down the dusky deep, we find 'Half Light' comfortably stuck between night-black progressive of tyDi and the lovely, soothing vocals of Tania. 'Half Light' will get any dancefloor to move, whether played in the deep, dark night or as the sun rises.


  1. 0. Half Light (Original Mix) (09:02)
  2. 0. Half Light (Max Graham Remix) (07:10)
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