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tyDi feat. DJ Rap - Talking To Myself

January 23, 2012
Making up the balance between tyDi's artillery of prog-trance and the break-beat forces of DJ Rap, is the new single of tyDi's 'Shooting Stars' album, 'Talking To Myself'. The fastest rising talent of Australia unites with the undisputed queen of turntables. Only 24 years of age, but already geared with his second artist album, pleasing thousands of clubbers on a weekly base and creating successful highlights such as 'Acting Crazy', 'Vanilla' and 'Never Go Back'. Never failing to tingle the mind and move the feet, tyDi invited UK lady DJ Rap for a little experiment. DJ Rap, a fully-fledged producer and songwriter with an open mind and a high reputation in house and drum & bass, gave the warm melody and strong kick of tyDi that sexy feel. 'Talking To Myself' wraps you in like a new crush, rushing through your mind while feeding your soul. It's seductive and rough edged, with a soft, melodic core. Finnish house duo Maison & Dragen translated the poppy feel of 'Talking To Myself' into a perfectly deep warm-up anthem. Proggy and playful, with a taste of house.


  1. 1. Talking To Myself (Maison & Dragen Remix) (06:06)
  2. 2. Talking To Myself (Maison & Dragen Radio Edit) (03:00)
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