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tyDi feat. Brianna Holan - Never Go Back

March 28, 2011
Ever striving forward in the sea of sounds, Australian producer Tyson Illingworth finds himself rocking the arch of EDM with many go-ahead productions. This promising talent continues to develop his own style and explore the indefinite possibilities of a sound that is recognizable but renewing at the same time. Maturing from the dark 'Russia' to the hauntingly eerie 'Good Dream', vocal beauties 'You Walk Away' and 'Vanilla', tyDi works towards the second artist album of his young, but impressive musical career. 'Never Go Back' is the luscious pre-tasting to what is about to come. The use of Brianna Holan's vocals is truly outstanding for a prog-trance production, original in all ways and means. 'Never Go Back' is catchy and melodic, without falling into any pop-inspired clichés. Clinging to your mind form the very first play, this is another tyDi release to ease the wait for his next masterpiece to be released. Tom Fall, the Finnish producer who's currently making waves with his 'Stillness' and 'All This Time' EP, brought a more gentle flow to the original, with a twitch of electro and progressive. A real treat to the ears.


  1. 0. Never Go Back (Original Mix) (08:53)
  2. 0. Never Go Back (Tom Fall Remix) (07:33)
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