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Tritonal featuring Cristina Soto - Walk With Me

September 22, 2008
A leading, sunny guitar, a deep and proggy beat and lush vocals. What more do you need? Tritonal, consisting of Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed, have managed to create a moody and emotional track, perfectly fitting the Coldharbour imprint. The track was already featured on Markus Schulz' Armada @ Ibiza compilation and managed to find its way to the clubs and steal several hearts in the meanwhile. The two guys behind this track met online while discussing sound design and production techniques and quickly felt connected by their love for music. The connection was so strong, that Dave decided to make a commitment and move 1,500 miles across the U.S. so they could work together daily. It turned out to be a good decision, cause within the first 6 months of working together they had 15 originals and a handful of remixes under their belt, of which several saw a release. Now teamed up with Cristina Soto, these guys are ready to show off their skills with 'Walk with me'.


  1. 0. Walk With Me (Air Up There Mix) (06:55)
  2. 0. Walk With We (4AM Dub) (06:54)
  3. 0. Walk With We (Original Mix) (09:29)
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