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Triode - Till We Dance Again

August 02, 2019
Pulling out all the stops for his debut on Reaching Altitude, Triode makes highly uplifting magic happen at the flick of a wrist. From the melodically impeccable original to the dauntless remixes from Eric Senn and KEPIK, ‘Till We Dance Again’ is just what the crowd needs for the ultimate mainstage experience.

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  1. 1. Till We Dance Again (03:45)
  2. 2. Till We Dance Again (Eric Senn Remix) (03:07)
  3. 3. Till We Dance Again (KEPIK Remix) (04:36)
  4. 4. Till We Dance Again (Extended Mix) (06:39)
  5. 5. Till We Dance Again (Eric Senn Extended Remix) (04:11)
  6. 6. Till We Dance Again (KEPIK Extended Remix) (05:21)
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