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Tomcraft and Republica - Ready To Go

September 14, 2007
Now here is another party-starter, if all-else fails track. Take on hand the well-refined production skills of Tomcraft, who most will remember for his number one track 'Loneliness' several years ago, and on the other one of the biggest Brit anthems of the mid-1990's, 'Ready To Go'. Then combine the two using a big dirty electro bass line and simple filters on the sampled chorus and you have one hell of a crowd pleaser. Republica, considered largely a pop-rock, euro band over the years, have a rich dance heritage themselves being signed to Deconstruction, a label started by Mike Pickering in the late 1980's that gave us M-People, Way Out West, Sasha and more. I sense the UK majors will be sniffing around this if a done deal hasn't already been penned and the ink has barely dried. How could this not fail to rock a club? The Republica chorus brings back so many memories and helped define a part of rebellious youth culture back in the day. Then for the new generation who have grown up being spoon-fed electro house this will press all the right buttons too. A raucous reception when dropped - handle with care!


  1. 0. Ready to Go (Clubmix) (06:05)
  2. 0. Ready to Go (L&T's Latenight Mix) (09:34)
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