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Tomas Heredia - Lost / The Journey

October 15, 2012
Making giants leaps in the world of EDM, is Buenos Aires local Tomas Heredia. One of the fastest rising names of today's scene presents his new bangers 'Lost' and 'The Journey', securing pole position during the festival season. He's only just made his Armada debut, crashing in with 'Hurricane' and 'Moonlight' in the first few weeks of 2012. But he's not one to sit still for long. As the summer season brings us its sunbeams, Tomas delights the masses with the melodramatic trancer 'Lost' and the playful peak-timer 'The Journey'.


  1. 1. Lost (Original Mix) (07:05)
  2. 2. The Journey (Original Mix) (07:06)
  3. 3. Lost (Radio Edit) (03:44)
  4. 4. The Journey (Radio Edit) (03:59)
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