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Tom Novy - My House

October 01, 2007
This man does not need any introduction. With global chart hits and a smashing full tour he still manages to create BIG tunes. My House is the newest one! On the remix Mischa Daniels! He has established himself in the house scene with hits like "Take Me Higher", "Are You Dreaming" and "Disconnected". A huge release for you to check out!


  1. 0. My House (Mischa Daniels Eclass Mix) (06:30)
  2. 0. My House (Big Bass Edit) (08:58)
  3. 0. My House (Adrian Bahil Mix) (07:46)
  4. 0. My House (Original Edit) (08:21)
  5. 0. My House (Nu Frequency Remix) (07:46)
  6. 0. My House (Dreyer & Layton Remix) (06:27)
  7. 0. My House (Plastic Funk Remix) (07:12)
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