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Tom Novy featuring Virginia - I Rock (2010)

April 30, 2010
I Rock, you rock and everybody rocks, especially with this tune playing. The 2010 interpretation of Tom Novy’s ‘I Rock’, brings 1999 closer than ever before. Last time we heard of the German producer was 2008, when his ‘Runaway’ blew the dance scene away with an extraordinary prog-trance sound. Within the two years following, Tom obviously didn’t sit still. Besides releasing several remixes and working on collabs with Wally Lopez and Jerome Isma-Ae, Tom kept himself busy re-working ‘I Rock’. Another big, summer anthem to rock your speakers. 


  1. 0. I Rock (2010) (Tom & Jerry Radio Cut) (02:58)
  2. 0. I Rock (2010) (Tom & Jerry Club Mix) (07:36)
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