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Tom Fall - E18

March 03, 2014
Making a right return to dance floor demolition, Tom Fall brings the long-awaited successor to ‘iRok’, hammered by Hardwell, Knife Party, Walden and Sick Individuals. ‘E18’ is the next big thing – and it pounds! “E18” has an intensity that will creep up on you like the sunrise after an epic night. Prepare to be captivated and mesmerized by a barrage of relentless beats punctuated by a gently melodic breakdown. Fall’s latest creation visits both ends of the hard/soft spectrum, and the change of pace is exactly what makes this song so brutal on the dance floor.


  1. 1. E18 (Radio Edit) (03:010)
  2. 2. E18 (Original Mix) (05:14)
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