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Tom Fall & Ben Nicky - Hammer

April 16, 2012
Rising from the new generation of trance & prog-house players, two of the most promising producers land a long-awaited collab on AVA Recordings. Tom Fall and Ben Nicky make the night last with the unbreakable 'Hammer'. Tom Fall, a Finish DJ/producer in the midst of his break-through and working on his debut album. Ben Nicky, one of UK's fastest rising names that likes his productions strong, melodic and diverse. A dream team to anyone that loves a good mix of prog, house and trance. With 'Hammer', it's impossible not to think outside the box, dropping the hammer with acid stabs, maddening house kicks and a proggy melody. Absolutely smashing!


  1. 1. Hammer (Original Mix) (06:06)
  2. 2. Hammer (Radio Edit) (03:07)
Keplar quality