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Tom Colontonio - Reflection

April 18, 2011
Tom Colontonio rides the darker, tougher side of trance for half a decade already, kicking in hard with tracks like 'Suspect', 'The One EP' and 'Nighthawk'. Collaborations with John O'Callaghan and Sophie Sugar, as well as some rough-edged remixes for the likes of Paul van Dyk, John Askew, Sean Tyas and Mr. Pit, have made Tom's name rise to great heights. His latest weapon of choice, 'Reflection' will get the hard-trance lovers swayed by another quality solo production. Made to make you move, 'Reflection' kicks in with fast beats, melodic synths and a hammering build up. 'Reflection' has that real Colontonio energy flowing throughout the full track, giving you that feel good push you just needed! On the remix, Argentinean duo Heatbeat added some of their contagious musical sparks to Tom's track. Their version of 'Reflection' has that real techy feel Heatbeat is known for, adding even more spicy flavours to this tasty beat-dish.


  1. 0. Reflection (Original Mix) (07:17)
  2. 0. Reflection (Heatbeat Remix) (06:47)
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