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Tom Colontonio feat. CiBon - The Sun

September 12, 2011
Known for his punchy basslines and dark, energetic trancers, we find Tom Colontonio feeling right at home at the Subculture label. But this time, shortly after his Sophie Sugar collab. His track 'Nighthawk' and the magical 'Reflection', he's aiming for tenderness and emotion. You'll find all of it, along with the energizing beat of trance, coming together in 'The Sun'. Warm like a summer night, carried on a breeze of melody, are the soothing vocals of CiBon Rielle. Along with the spine-tingling piano, harmonic synths and all-shattering beats, 'The Sun' is set to conquer a place in the heart of thousands of trance lovers.


  1. 0. The Sun (Original Mix) (07:01)
  2. 0. The Sun (Radio Edit) (04:05)
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