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Todd Terry feat. Ami Carmine - Love Is Gone

October 30, 2017
Another flamboyant production of Todd Terry, ‘Love Is Gone’ is here to make the world take notice. Upbeat and colorful, this record sees Ami Carmine’s vocals work in perfect tandem with the flashy rhythms and welcomes an Inhouse Mix as well as a Tee’s Freeze Mix for extra doses of dancefloor magic.

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  1. 1. Love Is Gone (03:22)
  2. 2. Love Is Gone (Tee's Freeze Mix) (03:17)
  3. 3. Love Is Gone (Tee's Freeze Extended Mix) (05:03)
  4. 4. Love Is Gone (InHouse Mix) (05:02)
  5. 5. Love Is Gone (InHouse Dub) (05:01)
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