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Toby Hedges - Sukha

March 18, 2013
Only 20 years of age, but already one of the names on the shortlist of future promises. UK producer Toby Hedges makes his grand Armada debut on Soundpiercing, rushing in with the warm waves of 'Sukha'. He won the remix contest of Tenishia & Ruben de Ronde's 'Love Survives' and totally nailed this remix duties for Matt Darey's 'See The Sun'. But this time, the world will meet his original sound. A sound that grabs you, takes you on a melodic journey and won't let go. 'Sukha' draws you in, riding a perfect balance between trance and progressive. We can't wait to hear more.


  1. 1. Sukha (Original Mix) (06:51)
  2. 2. Sukha (Radio Edit) (04:35)
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