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Tinlicker & Helsloot - Because You Move Me II

August 20, 2018
Adjusting the magical properties of ‘Because You Move Me’ in a brilliant way, Tinlicker & Helsloot deliver a superb VIP Mix ready to enchant the crowd. Complemented by a darker rendition from Jan Oberlaender, ‘Because You Move Me II’ signals round two for the alluring original and makes fans clear some room atop their favorite playlists.

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  1. 1. Because You Move Me (VIP Mix) (03:26)
  2. 2. Because You Move Me (Jan Oberlaender Remix) (03:41)
  3. 3. Because You Move Me (VIP Extended Mix) (07:03)
  4. 4. Because You Move Me (Jan Oberlaender Extended Remix) (06:34)
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