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Timur Shafiev - Something Beautiful / Faith

May 26, 2013
Re*Brand lets us discover another new talent, this time from Russian ground. Two sheer beauties of Max Graham's 'Cycles Vol.4' album, are Timur Shafiev's 'Something Beautiful' and 'Faith'. Also knows as Rater and S00perstar, the sounds of Timur Shafiev are hard to pigeonhole. Balancing the depths of prog, while walking the fine line of trance and house, is the remarkable duo that hits Re*Brand today. Having impressed the listeners of Cycles 4, these highly-anticipated tunes now finally land. 'Something Beautiful' absolutely lives up to its name. A break that gets you silent, a build-up that moves and the right melody to keep you going. A unique track with an equally smashing B-side. 'Faith' ft. Irage hits that same tender spot, making sure you've got it stuck on repeat from first play on.


  1. 1. Something Beautiful (Original Mix) (07:15)
  2. 2. Faith (Original Mix) (07:52)
  3. 3. Something Beautiful (Radio Edit) (04:24)
  4. 4. Faith (Radio Edit) (04:09)
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