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Timur Shafiev featuring Andrey Vedenyov - Conqueror

August 02, 2010
Russian producers Timur Shafiev and Andrey Vedenyov are ready for big things ahead. Their first single 'Conqueror' is a dark, progressive attack, working all your senses. With its pumping baseline and tight synth-lines, it's impossible to stand still. The 'Conquerer' awaits you with psy-trance related effects and a wide horizon of softening melodies in its break down. A killer-combi and absolute weapon on all floors. Ilnaz Tarkhanov a.k.a. Cramp smoothened 'Conqueror' and made it more flowing. His rework is mesmerizing and uplifting in all ways and means.


  1. 0. Conqueror (Original Mix) (06:29)
  2. 0. Conqueror (Cramp Remix) (07:26)
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