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Tim Berg, Norman Doray, Sebastien Drums - Tweet It

September 20, 2010
There was something that distracted Swedish DJ & Producer Tim Berg and his French colleagues Norman Doray and Sebastien Drums, as they were working on their latest masterpiece. Whether based on a little feathery animal or the social community that holds the world in its grasp, fact is that it inspired the trio to name their collab 'Tweet It'. Rousing beats, a bold bass and a broad range of effects flirt around with a piano-line on top of all happenings – this is 'Tweet It' in full effect. With its catchy melody, ‘Tweet It’ is the perfect follow up to Tim Berg’s previous masterpiece and chart-rocker ‘Bromance’. 'Tweet It' lets pure euphoria scorch through your speakers, so be sure to brace yourself. 


  1. 0. Tweet It (07:12)
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