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Three Drives On A Vinyl - Greece 2000 (Remixes)

July 23, 2018
Taking it up a notch through two stellar renditions, Three Drives On A Vinyl welcome THNK and Melih Kor on remix duty for their classic ‘Greece 2000’. From THNK’s underground mayhem to Melih Kor’s Balearic vibes, this double slice of Electronic Elements will leave fans wanting more for sure.

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  1. 1. Greece 2000 (THNK Remix) (03:52)
  2. 2. Greece 2000 (Melih Kor Remix) (03:19)
  3. 3. Greece 2000 (THNK Extended Remix) (06:40)
  4. 4. Greece 2000 (Melih Kor Extended Remix) (08:26)
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