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Thomas Newson feat. Angelika Vee - Don't Hold Us (Remixes)

May 19, 2014
The track that keeps on giving, there seems to be no limit to the destruction 'Don't Hold Us' can deliver. With the original storming the charts and gracing the radio worldwide, it was time for a few equally impressive remixes. Taking things in polar opposite directions, we have the Bixel Boys and the Blinders remixes. Bixel Boys created a version that is jazzy and deep, but with plenty of big-room bite. Blinders did what he does so well, masterminding a sublime club version. The pivotal point of it all remains Angelika Vee's divine vocal performance.


  1. 1. Don't Hold Us (Paul Mayson Radio Edit) (03:28)
  2. 2. Don't Hold Us (Blinders Radio Edit) (03:42)
  3. 3. Don't Hold Us (Bixel Boys Radio Edit) (02:45)
  4. 4. Don't Hold Us (Paul Mayson Remix) (04:49)
  5. 5. Don't Hold Us (Blinders Remix) (06:20)
  6. 6. Don't Hold Us (Bixel Boys Remix) (05:34)
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