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Thomas Bronzwaer - Look Ahead

July 27, 2009
Over the past 3 years, there's not a lot of trance sets that didn't include one of his track. The 24-year old Dutchie released his very first solo track in 2005. 'Close Horizon' was the suitably called tune that led to worldwide recognition, DJ support and made the path to success seem a whole lot clearer to Thomas Bronzwaer. With fortune and a big dose of talent at his side, his 'Shadow World', 'Constellation' and 'Resound', plus numerous remixes, received a very warm welcome in the trance scene. His distinctive, pure trance sound became a trademark, and while the majority of trance was letting itself be influenced by house and techno, Thomas remained true to his own thing. Doing what he does best, producing trance anthems that hit in right after you press play, he brings us another one of those in summer 2009.'Look Ahead', right at home at the A State of Trance label, was already featured on Armin's 'A State of Trance 2009' compilation. A typical Bronzwaer track, big room fit and uplifting to the very last second. Having a hard time with his removal from the Netherlands to Los Angeles in the US and due to family circumstances, Thomas translated his feelings into sound, with 'Look Ahead' as the beautiful result. In dedication to his mother and the beloved city of L.A. ('Look Ahead'), this track came to life. We trust 'Look Ahead' won't be leaving the playlists anytime soon.


  1. 0. Look Ahead (Original Mix) (07:24)
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