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Thomas Bronzwaer - Galaxyrise / Still Waters

December 13, 2010
"This is just the beginning of the beginning" has always been the motto of Dutch sound-creator Thomas Bronzwaer. If you take a peek at the long list of his previous successes, you know there's something big coming up. His first solo production 'Close Horizon' saw the light of day back in 2005. From that very moment on, his career ended up going in no other direction but straight up. His 'Resound', 'Look Ahead' and 'Certitude' filled countless floors and appeared on mix albums by big names like Armin van Buuren and John O'Callaghan. After staying with the beloved A State Of Trance label for a couple of years, he's now paying John O'Callaghan's Subculture imprint a visit. And you'll agree - his latest double release, 'Galaxy' and 'Still Waters', is indeed big! On Thomas' latest EP, two tempting instrumentals await you, full with layer over layer of stunning synth-lines. 'Galaxyrise' is an archetypal uplifting-piece, one to take you away. With the melody-line in the front it's pretty different from 'Still Water', which has a lively background. They say 'Still waters run deep'. The same goes for Thomas' track, as it's moving, melodic and emotional. Since all of that is just the beginning of the beginning, you better be sure to keep an eye on this Dutch talent! Support by: Armin van Buuren, Gareth Emery, Aly & Fila, Paul Oakenfold, Sean Tyas, Alex M.O.R.P.H.


  1. 0. Galaxyrise (Original Mix) (06:44)
  2. 0. Still Waters (Original Mix) (06:01)
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