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The Ultimate Seduction - The Ultimate Seduction

November 21, 2011
A '92 classic gets a new, seductive spin! 'The Ultimate Seduction' destroys the 2012 dance floors, with the Dabruck & Klein and Mischa Daniels remixes! Some tracks simply never grow old. Dutch team-up The Ultimate Seduction started the hype in 1992 and it never left the dance floor since. To love the original is one thing, but to create a version that lives up to the 2012 standards is another. Luckily, this remix pack provides you with two sparkling new versions that really do outshine all other remix-attempts. First off, there's the tight, big-room sensation that was created by German duo Dabruck & Klein. Especially for the 'Hands On Armada Vol.2' album, they refurnished this classic and gave it a real smack in the face. If you love to ride a heavy bass, contagious electro stabs and one big energetic flow, please yourself with the Dabruck & Klein remix of 'The Ultimate Seduction'. For the dirty house matters, we've got Dutchman Mischa Daniels, who's toyed around with the melody of the classic. Maddening, high synths, a solid build-up and deep, dark bass, that's what his interpretation of 'The Ultimate Seductive' is all about!


  1. 1. The Ultimate Seduction (Dabruck & Klein Remix) (06:13)
  2. 2. The Ultimate Seduction (Mischa Daniels Remix) (06:02)
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