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The Thrillseekers - Savanna

April 26, 2010
Some producers never lose their strength. It’s been 12 years since Steve Helstrip introduced the world to what he’s made of. Creativity and a lifelong passion for music came together in his ‘Synaesthesia’, part of trance legacy. And though he could have settled with this one massive hit, it were the many sounds within his creative mind that needed to find their way out. A magician with melodies and synths, found Steve releasing unforgettable trance highlights, such as ‘By Your Side’, ‘City of Angels’, ‘The Last Time’ under his The Thrillseekers. And a new one has just hit in. Featured on the first CD of Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance 2010, ‘Savanna’ kicks off summer with a warm, melodic and guitar-driven sound, with an attitude on the side. The Thrillseekers has done it again. Timeless beats, an epic breakdown and sunbeams in sound. ‘Savanna’ will be the ultimate soundtrack for anyone up to a long, hot summer in trance. Alexander Popov reworked this anthem to a classy prog-house tune, catchy and tasteful. Daniel Wanrooy went for a more classic trance approach, with blazing synths and an overall feeling of tranquility.  


  1. 0. Savanna (Original Mix) (08:11)
  2. 0. Savanna (Daniel Wanrooy Remix) (08:17)
  3. 0. Savanna (Alexander Popov Remix) (07:44)
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