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The Space Brothers - Heaven Will Come

February 22, 2010
The Space Brothers - Heaven Will Come remixesStack their releases and its pile will be mere feet away from heaven. We hold Richard Simmonds and Steve Jones responsible for the many hours listening to their trance classics. Chakra, Lustral, Ascension, The Space Brothers and Oxygen are some of the aliases these masterminds worked under. 'Love Shines Through', 'Everytime', 'Home' and 'Heaven Will Come' wrote trance history in the late nineties. But have they altered? Not at all! They revive and therefor survive the destruction of time. Eleven years after its first release, 'Heaven Will Come' gets an upgrade by none less than Stoneface & Terminal. The German trance duo put their famous, magic trance touch on countless tracks. Their uplifting, energetic trance sound now mingles with the classical touch of The Space Brothers. A divine combination that comes with a vocal mix and dub, built to last and last throughout the years.


  1. 0. Heaven Will Come (Stoneface & Terminal Vocal Mix) (08:18)
  2. 0. Heaven Will Come (Stoneface & Terminal Dub Mix) (07:19)
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