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The Scumfrog - In Case We're All Still Here

April 12, 2013
Nearly a decade after his last artist album, the underground legend that is The Scumfrog returns. His roots firmly planted in the underground house scene, the Dutch born producer/DJ brings a new connection between the intangible and deep and the ever-growing movement that is electronic dance music. ‘In Case We’re All Still Here’ is The Scumfrog in full underground swing. Now that the dance scene is more alive than ever before, New York based producer Jesse Houk shines a new light on the deep, techy sounds of the underground. With more than 15 years of experience, the mastermind behind classics such as ‘The Watersong’ and remixes for the likes of Armin van Buuren, Missy Elliott, New Order, Kylie Minogue and Annie Lennox, is ready to take another deep dive into the journey of music. All through the sounds of ‘In Case We’re All Still Here’. Featuring collaborations with Sting, Static Revenger, Christian Burns, Vince Elliott, Vassy and more, ‘In Case We’re All Still Here’ is the brand new album of The Scumfrog. An eclectic affair that takes you past the entire spectrum of electronic dance music.


  1. 1. The Scumfrog feat. Static Revenger - Frontier Prelude (Original Mix) (03:36)
  2. 2. The Scumfrog - Lost Your Number (Radio Edit) (04:30)
  3. 3. The Scumfrog - Middle Earth (Radio Edit) (03:49)
  4. 4. The Scumfrog vs Christian Burns - Dubsticles (Radio Edit) (03:52)
  5. 5. The Scumfrog feat. Vassy - Don't Give Up (Deep Playa Dub Edit) (08:31)
  6. 6. The Scumfrog feat. Vince Elliott - Material Favors (Original Mix Edit) (05:00)
  7. 7. The Scumfrog - Clones (Radio Edit) (03:40)
  8. 8. The Scumfrog - Slippety (Radio Edit) (04:01)
  9. 9. The Scumfrog - I Got Love (Radio Edit) (04:00)
  10. 10. The Scumfrog - Post Mayan Hustle (Radio Edit) (04:43)
  11. 11. The Scumfrog feat. Sting - If I Ever Lose My Faith (Vocal Radio Edit) (04:05)
  12. 12. The Scumfrog - Now That We've Begun (Original Mix Edit) (07:09)
  13. 13. The Scumfrog feat. Static Revenger - Theme From (08:07)
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