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Paul van Dyk feat. Arty - The Ocean

July 02, 2012
With summer 2012 moving into high gear, Paul van Dyk has teamed up with Russian production prodigy Arty to create a track just as deep and expansive as its title suggests. Taken from his acclaimed sixth studio album 'EVOLUTION', 'The Ocean' is distilled, epic trance magnificence. Sea-and-sun gazing in every respect, it's ready to resonate, from its White Isle origins, out around the world. 'Verano' roared. 'Eternity' soared, but now its time to dive deep into single number 3 from legendary sound designer and all round audiologist, Paul van Dyk. Taken from his 'EVOLUTION' long-player, together with one of the hottest young EDM talents to rise in recent years, he and Arty have crafted the iridescent, mesmeric and über-inviting 'The Ocean'! From the mellow drama of its classical piano lead to its thermally immersive sub-melodies and unshakably aquatic ambience, the track is set off against the diffused haunt and lamenting ache of its longing "nightime" vocal. Make no mistake though - all is not the entirely chilled splendour it first appears! Dive beneath the equatorial calm of 'The Ocean's surface, you'll find the beating heart of the dancefloor leviathan! With its snare-free breaks, tough tech-trance drop-backs and bigger room bass, it endlessly wows the floor. 'The Ocean' has been making waves with the dance press of late, with DJ Mag pinning a June Money Shot on it, saying: "The unhurried tempo, piano-tinging lamentation and heaven-sent female vocal all combine to produce something very special indeed. Mixmag meanwhile voices that: "with its melodic colours badged firmly on its sleeve, ('The Ocean's) pacific chords & pads, so-gorgeous-it-hurts piano and angelic, swallow-you-up vocal are all the mind focuses on". 'The Ocean' is H2O you need to know! Dive into 'The Ocean'


  1. 1. The Ocean (Album Mix) (06:09)
  2. 2. The Ocean (Radio Edit) (03:47)
  3. 3. The Ocean (Extended Mix) (06:53)
  4. 4. The Ocean (Las Salinas Remix) (06:59)
  5. 5. The Ocean (Eddie Bitar Remix) (06:57)
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