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The Flyers & Mike Sonar - Because I Wish To / Vertigo

May 02, 2011
Russia, Macedonia and Poland unite in another strong track for the AVA Deep catalogue. Joining forces in 2009, has kept producers Pilot and Linar and Polish producer Mike Sonar busy producing one delicate prog-trance anthem after the next. The Flyers and Mike Sonar now deliver a more than fine aftermath to their 'Lumiere', 'Signalica' and 'Everytime I Close My Eyes' releases. Getting you excited for summer to kick in, the trio waltzes over with 'Because I Wish To'. A contagious piece of music to carry you away to bright pink summer sunsets on the beach. Lovely melodic prog-trance with a housy touch, swinging in every beat, bit of melody and breakdown! 'Vertigo' has the same summer feel, swaying you into its enchanting, melodic progressive soundscape like a sultry hot night in mid August! Energetic, feel-good and high quality.


  1. 0. Because I Wish To (Original Mix) (06:29)
  2. 0. Vertigo (Original Mix) (07:11)
  3. 0. Because I Wish To (Radio Edit) (04:26)
Keplar quality