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The Delta Rock Duo - What's With The Unf And Tssh

December 24, 2007
Hot on the heels of their previous release "Beta Receptor", Stian Klo and Dumb Dan teamed up again as The Delta Rock Duo to bring us "What's With The Unf And Tssh"!DJ Support:John O'Callaghan: Retrobyte mix is great warm up stuff. Sied van Riel: supporting for sure.. cool vibe !Matt Darey: Really liking both mixes!Flash Brothers:Good electro mix of the track! Eelke Kleijn: Thanks really enjoying this release! Original mix is quirky and funky just as I like it, but also the remix by Retrobyte is wicked! Usually not too fond of electro but this has got a certain twist to it that makes it stand out from the masses!Sander van Doorn: Good productions Marcus Schossow: Supporting the Retrobyte mix!Midor: Nice rmx. Full of experimental and weird sounds. Will try this!Smith & Pledger: Supporting the Original!


  1. 0. What's With The Unf And Tssh (Original Mix) (07:37)
  2. 0. What's With The Unf and Tssh (Retrobyte Polytone Dub) (08:53)
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