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The Blizzard & Omnia - My Inner Island

August 29, 2011
Melting into one since the release of their 'Metanoia' and Susana collab 'Closer', are the sounds of Norwegian duo The Blizzard and Ukrainian producer Omnia. It's the soothing, warm depth of progressive house that binds the strengths of these talent. But it's also the driving force that keeps them inspired, with the beautiful 'My Inner Island' arising from their minds. Featured on the A State of Trance 2011 compilation, it's 'My Inner Island' that shines out with a strong, deeply melodic sound. It has conquered the heart of its listeners, taking them in with spellbinding synths, lush guitar, swirls of melody and heart-pounding beats. This is one of this summer's essentials. Russian producer Yuri Kane gave 'My Inner Island' a groovy stir, without making it lose its tender character.


  1. 0. The Blizzard & Omnia - My Inner Island (Original Mix) (07:43)
  2. 0. The Blizzard and Omnia - My Inner Island (Yuri Kane Remix) (08:33)
  3. 0. The Blizzard and Omnia - My Inner Island (Radio Edit) (03:50)
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