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Roger Shah presents Sunlounger - The Beach Side Of Life

October 25, 2010
It's unavoidable. The European summer - and with it its Ibiza season - has come to an official end. Fortunately there is German DJ, producer and label owner Roger Shah, who recalls the warm summer spirit with every single release on his Magical Island imprint. And there's even more good news for Balearic minded people. Roger's most famous moniker is now awaiting you with its third artist album: Sunlounger's 'The Beach Side Of Life'! No winter sleep's necessary, for the Sunlounger album will keep you warm throughout the low temperatures and hot chocolate moments of the coming months. Holding onto the last bit of summer, 'The Beach Side of Life' deals with a great variety of sounds. Some tracks balance on the sandy edges, while others shoot off straight to the clubs. The latter goes for 'Son of a Beach', a sure-short at dancing with its samba rhythm and stabby uplifting synths. 'Trademark White', on the other side, represents the more stripped-down musical side of Sunlounger, with the traditional vibrant percussion that is so typically Shah. 'Acapulco Waves', last but not least, instantly captivates with warm pads and chilled riffs, infused and influenced by the sun's welcome beams.


  1. 0. Trademark White (Original Club Mix) (08:42)
  2. 0. Son Of A Beach (Original Club Mix) (07:10)
  3. 0. Son Of A Beach (Dusk till Dawn Remix) (08:53)
  4. 0. Son Of A Beach (RowB Remix) (07:04)
  5. 0. Trademark White (Incognet Remix) (07:08)
  6. 0. Acapulco Waves (Original Club Mix) (08:05)
  7. 0. Acapulco Waves (Liquid Vision Remix) (08:45)
  8. 0. Acapulco Waves (NL's Sunny Journey Mix) (07:10)
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