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Goldfish & Blink - Tension / Make You Jump

November 11, 2013
EDM is growing big and spreading fast, especially in the Asian territories. If anyone has understood the sound that rumbles the clubs today, it's Kuala Lumpur based duo Goldfish & Blink. They make a mighty fine Trice Recordings debut, with 'Tension' and 'Make You Jump'. Hot off a release on Revealed Recordings, with the roaring beast that was 'Here We Go Again', the youngsters are giving a very warm welcome on Armada's Trice. Both 'Tension' and 'Make You Jump' qualify as crowd-pleasers, hitting in hard, loud and contagious.


  1. 1. Tension (Radio Edit) (03:17)
  2. 2. Make You Jump (Radio Edit) (03:30)
  3. 3. Tension (Original Mix) (04:46)
  4. 4. Make You Jump (Original Mix) (04:48)
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