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Tenishia - The Ones We Left Behind

April 11, 2011
Malta has more and more reason to be proud of its musical duo, Tenishia. Superstars in their home country, but conquering one trance-loving soul after the next around the globe, Joven and Cyprian stand before the next chapter in their story of success. Another weapon of musical fury has left their studio, ready to show what this producer duo is made of: 'The Ones We Left Behind'. 'The Ones We Left Behind' starts with one big shot of energy, techy and playful. But don't let yourself be fooled by first sight, for this one unfolds into a melodic, atmospheric trancer with soft tingles of piano. 'The Ones We Left Behind', whether you like it in the original or more refined Tenishia Burnout Mix, is an absolute stormer for the global dance society.


  1. 0. The Ones We Left Behind (Original Mix) (09:20)
  2. 0. The Ones We Left Behind (Tenishia Burnout Mix) (08:44)
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